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Archive for April, 2012

Its Easter already!!! wow!

HI all,

Well I must say, this year is just flying by.

The fact that it’s easter this weekend simply blows my mind.

I must get out of doors and start to enjoy this wondrous spring at some point during the weekend.

Everyone has told me for years that on Easter weekend Death Valley is the place to be. The desert turns into a never ending field of  different kinds of wild flowers. The flowers carpet the dunes and from what I am told it is one of the greatest sights one can ever behold.

Perhaps I shall try and make that adventure happen in celebration of this lovely time of year.

I am sitting here nibbling on the ear of a chocolate bunny and remembering all the easters of my childhood. My mother and I always wore white and I always thought it was funny that the bunny would put jellybeans on fresh grass as they would be goo by the time I got to them. Tasty goo none the less.

I once found an easter egg three months late hidden in a drain pipe. The odd things was that It hadn’t been there the day before nor the week before, I was positive of this as I passed that spot every day. It was all discolored and it smelled terrible but for some reason I thought it was a huge symbol of good luck, an omen if you will that the faeries that i believed existed in that particular garden were one hundred percent real and had presented me with this egg to show me that they appreciated my offerings that I regularly left for them. My mother had told me that they loved honey and milk and tiny trinkets that they might find useful. I bet many of those offerings are still buried there in that old garden…….unless they took them with them.

Happy Easter, Ostara,Passover  to you all

Thank you for all the love and support you dish out to me in such great and highly appreciated abundance.

I Love you too



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