One of the main reasons for wanting to have my own website was to let my fans know a little bit more about the real me.

I can speak for myself. I am what I am. Love it or leave it.

I hope you enjoy the site, and that you understand that it is a work in progress. We will be adding to it a lot as time goes on. I am very excited and proud of the work my web designer Shannon and I have done, and as we progress, it will get more and more of the feel of my own personal aesthetic.

So, welcome, enjoy, and feedback IS welcome 🙂

“Nais Tukke”


What’s New

If anyone has any pictures or drawings that they have made I would be more the happy to put them up, I would also mention your name along with the posting. If anyone has made any Wall Papers of fairuza that they would like me to put up for everyone to use just send it to me I will mention your name at the posting of it also. I am always looking for new things about her so if anyone has something send it along ill put it up. The Email address is at the bottom of this page.

                                    Thanks   Arizona  Pete

There is an Irish band called Fairuza , you can check them out in the Artist section of this site  Or you can go right to there site at


Just a note for those of you that don’t think Fairuza was on The Sopranos. I got the episode in the mail today and watched her short but sweet performance. So don’t let anybody tell you she wasn’t on the show at least for one brief moment. As far as putting it up on the site I don’t think I can get away with it HBO would have my ass. I put up and article from Entertainment Weekly about Fairuza being replaced on the Soprano’s on the New Movies page. I just added a some more preview information below this article. I put and interview Fairuza did explaining why she was taken off the Soprano’s rerun and home video you can get it in the Fairuza Posts section.


I put up another Look-A-Like


I put a pick of Fairuza up from a birthday party she had a couple of years ago HERE


12.05.2003…… Duelling DAHLIAS: Brian DePalma is signed to direct BLACK DAHLIA next year, but he may get beaten to the punch by an indie rival. Bloodshot Pictures is lining up a load of psychotronic faves to appear in their upcoming – and still untitled – movie about the Black Dahlia murder, the still unsolved True Crime in which Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Shortwas found sawed in half. So far Karen Black (DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS), Trent Haaga (TERROR FIRMER), Alejandro Jodorowsky(SANTA SANGRE), Julie & Lizzie Strain, beautiful fire-breathing contortionist Masuimi MaxWerner HerzogDame Darcy, artist Robert WilliamsRichard Rush, and Lloyd “Troma” Kaufman are confirmed, and they’re talking to Fairuza Balk and Crispin Glover. Music will be provided by OrbJulee CruiseDavid J, and more……


I put a couple of new drawings sent in by Icarus from Germany on the Drawings page


This just up from Brandon at the Fairuza Balk Club on Yahoo

Fairuza has lent her voice talents to yet another video game! This one is the latest in the Hunter series for x-box, “Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer.”  The game came out on October 31st, but it was just recently listed on Fairuza’s Filmography.  Her character, Kaylie Winters, seems to be the main one this time around.  The official site for the game has trailers, clips, sound clips, plot lines, and many other things for the game, so you can actually hear Fairuza playing the casino game in ! Check out the site now and hear Fairuza as Kaylie!


Fairuza is in the latest issue of the gossip mag Star (for December2, 2003), page 61 in the “new couples” area, there’s a little pick and article. Star mag is not the best source for information, but I don’t think they’d have a reason to make it up, unless they have a bogus source.

Here’s what it says:

“Fairuza Balk & Steve Gilmour — The Waterboy cutie snagged herself a rich rock ‘n’ roll heir whom she’ll wed next July in Hollywood, STAR has learned. Fairuza, 29, has been showing of her new diamond ring from Steve Gilmour, 34, son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.’They met at a party a year ago and have been dating ever since,’ says a source close to the twosome.’They just bought a house in the Hollywood Hills.’Now that the couple lives together they can hole up and plan the wedding.”


I put a few new pencil drawings up sent in be Amanda Gougeon on the Drawings page


Sorry about the music I moved to another town and just got internet service started today.


I put another drawing sent it by a fan HERE


 Gas Food Lodging was released today (sept. 23) on dvd. It doesn’t have any extra features besides subtitles and some previews (one of The Craft), but it’d still be nice to own the film on dvd format.