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Crowdfunded Music Project!!


Hi Everyone and Welcome to the brand new Davie Single release and pre-Album Campaign!

For the next 30 days, we are doing an awesome independent crowd funding style campaign, from right here at to Release My Newest Single Davie!

We are also doing this campaign to help get things in motion, to be able to start on the process of getting a brand new full Armed Love Militia Album Recorded!


We have created all kinds of truly excellent merchandise for you, and as a special thank you to pledgers, the first 150 people to pledge will get a special surprise with their order! For the full run down and back story, please go and read My newest Blog in the blog section!

I am so Excited, I could literally scream, and the best part is finally getting to share some more music with you guys!

I Love all of you, and thank you so much for visiting, and for supporting this campaign!


Click here to find out how to pre-order!

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