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New Single! New Album! Exciting crowdfunding opportunity!!!

Long Time No Post! I know….I am still getting used to the idea of writing blogs. Nowadays it is such an accepted thing that most people with computers do but I am still getting used to it as you can see!

If you already know about the campaign and you want to go straight to it, click here!

Anyways I am excited excited excited! I am going to get to share more music with you, and I am really psyched to know what you think!

Ok so first thing’s first-
As some of you know and some of you may not know, I make music.  I have been writing and performing music since I was in my early teens. Both of My Parents and pretty much all of my relatives are musicians. So, it runs in the blood and is very much a part of who I am and who we are as a family.

In my late twenties, when I had a regular band, I was going to go the major label route and went through a whole bidding war and all that jazz, but ultimately walked away. They wanted me to change everything about my music, and wanted to brand me in ways I was not at all comfortable with (to say the least). Long story short, I kept writing, but did it for myself, as it is something that I find I have to do, rather than I choose to do.

A few years back, I released my single “Stormwinds“, and came up with the idea for ALM ( Armed Love Militia). I wanted to be able to write and record music with some of the great musicians I’ve met over the years, and not be tied to any one single genre of music – like only do electronic music or only do rock etc. (I would love also to do this with fine art as well, but that is another story/project). I did a very quiet and unannounced release, basically only letting die hard fans know about it. I wanted to see what the reaction would be, and luckily people have been very receptive and it made me want to share more music and keep going. Not long after I released the single, however, my boyfriend went out On My Ducati motorcycle, and got hit by a drunk driver. He was lucky to have survived, as it was a bad accident that broke him into pieces. I had to put everything on hold to take care of him, and help him to heal. It was a very long and painful process, but ultimately he can walk and did heal up which is an incredible blessing. (By the way, if you ride a motorcycle make sure you go overboard on your insurance because if they can find a loophole to get out of covering you they will)!

So that happened, then a whole bunch of other life happened, as it does- I created a candle line, did some art shows, made a whole bunch of fine art, made a few indie films, created a kids/adults art book, started a photo/art/bits of writing book with The very Gifted Kyle Cassidy, many projects in true Gemini fashion, etc. Argh! There is so much! I must get to finishing them all so I can share them with you! It is only now that I realize how much there is to fill you guys in on!

Back to the Music-
People have been reaching out to me through letters, tweets, and posts on facebook, that they want to hear more of my music, and they kept asking, and kept asking, and I very much want to make this happen.

With the advent and massive popularity of crowd funding, I was drawn to looking into it to see if it might be a good way for me to go about doing this ALM record independently. After doing all this research over the past couple of years, and talking with different artists who have gone down this route, I have heard some pretty crazy stories. A great deal it seems is never disclosed to the artists, and it can end up going backwards. Many of them told me that after it was all said and done, they ended upside down, rather than raising what they really needed to get things done. It is too deep to really go into on here, but some of the issues I heard about were things like incorrect shipping costs (host site not calculating or charging properly for international and domestic shipping), and the site taking high percentages of all the monies raised by pledges. One of the Artists is still waiting 2 years later, to get ANY money from the site at all for the project they wanted to do, even though pledgers expect to receive their goods by a certain date! All the people who had pledged got very angry, and said they had been stiffed by an artist they really loved. This information really made me step back and look at the idea from a different perspective.

I also think it is easier for people who have a whole load of money behind them, legal teams, publicity armies and internet specialists. I am an independent artist, who is not on a label, and who wants to do this simply for the sake of sharing her music with other people. This isn’t a big business move, or some attempt for more fame or attention.

I just want to record and play with some brilliant folks I know, and share it with you guys!
One thing that they ALL told me was that all of the things that these sites did for them, they realized later that they could have done it all for themselves, and that none of the pledgers were people who found them through the site, they were all previous fans!

So, here is what I am going to do. I am releasing my new single Davie, and I am offering all kinds of excellent, and very cool merch, as a part of a way to raise capital to get started with the album. Later in the year, I will do another big campaign, depending on how this one goes, to get the album recording fully funded, so I can make videos and ,and do a day by day blog and video diary, following the whole process of what it is to make an album independently!

I am going to do it Myself, on the advice of my Artist friends!

I know it will be a crazy huge amount of work, but it would be either way right!? I like hard work, and this is something I want with all my heart.

I also want to record some of the traditional music I perform with my family, more specifically, with My father as he is an incredible multi-instrumental musician, and offer some of those tracks as special extras.

I am going to need your help in getting the word out there, into this mad mad world! Share share share, post! Blog! Tweet! Sing it from bridges! Graffiti it on walls! Whatever and however, to get it out there and make this happen.

I am the luckiest person in this world, as I have the most loving, brilliant, creative, loyal, supportive fans ever. I Love you guys so much, you have no idea. Fans are what give artists their careers. Some Artists think it’s all about them and their talent but they are…well…severely challenged in the old mind tank, if that is what they truly believe.

I kind of feel like I’m about to jump off of a very high cliff, but it is exhilarating, and I cannot wait to get it all going!!!!

The Davie single is an entirely different style of music from Stormwinds, and I am super pleased with it. I really hope you like it, and that you like the new artwork too!

This campaign will be running for only one month: from today, August 14th, until September 16th. The merch that we make will only be available for these thirty days. So, they are ALL limited edition.

Oh! Before I forget, the first 150 people who order will get a special surprise with their order, especially from me, as a thank you for your support :)

If you have questions, please email us at armedlovemilitia@gmail.com




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New Blog Entry! FINALLY!!!

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been Ages since I have written in but at long last here I am.This Year I have decided that will no longer be on Social Media as often. I know that Facebook is a way of life for many people these days but I never quite caught on to the whole thing. Most folks have other people running their pages and I do not. It requires a great deal of upkeep and I’m just not enough of a self promotion machine to find the time to really invest in it. I am determined however to start writing more blog entries! It is chilly outside tonight and as I sit here writing my Raccoon babies (who are now almost fully grown) are outside my door doing their noisy raucous chortle snorting routine. They have devised a very clever way of letting me now they are present. They go into the Garden and surrounding areas and collect little things like, pennies, shells, Rocks, sometimes old bits of broken jewelry and they scrape said items back and forth on the little metal bit a the base of my door. It’s their Raccoon doorbell. Mama Raccoon “Queenie” appears to possibly be pregnant again as she is very round and extra fluffy. I have noticed that she growls at the kits and now comes to visit at a separate time from them. Ahhh they grow up so fast….(sigh)

Anyhow, in news not related to my raccoon family, Kyle Cassidy and I have decided on a photo from our sessions to use as a poser and it is up and for sale for a limited time on this very site in the store section! I really like this photograph and Kyle’s talent as a photographer is evident as it is a more intimate and real look at me and what I look like these days. A portion of the proceeds from this poster are going to go to helping to Save the Rhinos who are on the very brink of extinction. Some people have given me guff about selling autographed pictures but I use the money for good  charities that I believe in. I will autograph the posters for people and will include a little surprise for each person that decides to buy one.I have also added a few new photos from The Craft as requested and may add some more in future. These photos are from my own collection from the film. Both Fame and Self promotion have never been quite comfortable for me but are a part of what I do and I am learning to find good ways of putting them to use. I would like to thank everyone in advance who chooses to help me with the Rhino project and also all who have bought  autographed photos from me in the past and helped the charities I love and I am sure that the Animals are grateful also.

I am about to start a new project that I am not sure if I am allowed to talk about just yet. Developing a new character is one of the best parts of acting for me. This is where the real work happens in my opinion. Every character has to be built from the ground up. Their History and Life, Their walk, voice, weight and appearance. how they think and what they think day to day. Basically you are making a complete person and living in their skin for a while. It is a fantastically creative process and I adore it. Vanity must be thrown out the window at all costs. If you are self conscious then you are not doing it right. You do all your work ahead of time so that by the time you get onto set it should be effortless. I can tell you that it is in a medium that I have not done in a while and I am getting to work with some wonderfully talented people. I am psyched about it.

I have started to work on my first book and it is slow going but it has begun and that is the main thing. It has been an interesting process, trying to teach myself to write freely and fearlessly without censoring myself or worrying about it too much. It is so easy to get caught up in your own head, tying your brain in knots over a sentence or passage or telling yourself  ” I’m not a writer what the hell am I doing”.  I am trying to learn not to do that but rather to just let the stories come out as they will and telling myself that I can always go back later and change it, and/or that no one ever need see it! Maybe it will stay in my computer for ever …. those stories and people and places might just stay in this strange little contraption so why fret?! Still…. it has been a truly strange, crazy, sometimes brilliant and magical, sometimes rough as all get out ride that at the very least would crack some people up I think.

On that note my lovely friends I am going to go now and have some left over chicken and mash, say Hi to my chortle snorting Raccoons children and be off. I Hope that your 2015 is starting off well.

Much Love



Ahhhhh beautiful Sunday…..

Hello people,

Well it is a beautiful May sunday today, the day after the perigee Moon and what a moon it was! I looked up at the sky yesterday evening and it was so massive and bright. It hit me in a very interesting  way. It made me feel as though everything everywhere was moving in synch. I realized that I along with millions and millions ,possibly billions of people were probably looking up at this moon all together all at the same time. People in war torn countries, people  in space, people on the other side of the world where the seasons  are opposite, all of us…… gazing at this beautiful moon. It gave me a profound sense of peace and at that moment I felt so grateful for all of my blessings.

I will admit that I have been completely caught up in this new business I and my partners have launched. It has been a very interesting and challenging process going from being a creative to being a creative / business person. My lack of internet skills and  crazy schedule have prevented me from being able to update everyone on the progress on the biz. We have been picked up by several of the biggest 5 star eco resorts in the state, fabulous places, amazingly beautiful places as well as several of the most prestigious stores. It has been so satisfying to see that people really appreciate the fact that we are doing things in a completely new and different way by going completely ecological with the line. Personally when I know that something has been made by hand with love and utmost care it makes it far more special. So long story short I am very pleased and proud.

I had to put pretty much everything else on hold and I am starting to really miss playing music and making art so I have decided to discipline myself with my use of time and create more “me” time. I’ve done a bit of traveling which is nice, just around the state but it is such a gorgeous time of year that it’s been a lovely treat.

My next big goal is to get my kickstarter up and running. I need to shoot a video and get it edited which may present somewhat of a challenge but I will get it done eventually (hopefully sooner than later). It has been really cool to watch the response to the single that we briefly released as a limited edition art piece a while ago. It seems as if it’s popularity is growing! yay! Music is such a personal thing. It’s about as personal as you can get and being that it has been something I’ve done all my life but kept pretty much to myself, letting it out and sharing it and getting such an amazingly positive response has been life changingly cool. I haven’t really ever been one for massive self promotion and I guess now in this new media age that is something that seems to have become somewhat of a requirement. I do not have a “team” of people that I pay out there to promote me, so please spread the word if you like what I have done so far.

Gingey the super cat had another short bout with his breathing troubles but I gave him his little steroids and he recovered quickly thank god. My two other kitty girls are fine and enjoying this quickly warming weather along with myself.

I’m not sure why but lately I have been obsessing a bit on the idea of moving permanently to San Francisco. I have always loved that city and it reminds me alot of Vancouver -it being on the water and having seasons and all. the Sun and I as much as I do love it’s warmth are not really all that compatible skinwise.

I am hoping a decent script will head my way soon as I am also missing the acting a bit. I did an indie last year but that was LAST YEAR and the itch is back.

I hope you are all enjoying this spring wherever in this great big world you may be and that 2012 is treating you kindly. I really appreciate all the responses and letters that you send. I am such a lucky and blessed human being to have so much support and love sent my way. It really blows my mind and I send all of that love and light right back out to you all.

many XXXXXX’s and OOOOOOO’s





Its Easter already!!! wow!

HI all,

Well I must say, this year is just flying by.

The fact that it’s easter this weekend simply blows my mind.

I must get out of doors and start to enjoy this wondrous spring at some point during the weekend.

Everyone has told me for years that on Easter weekend Death Valley is the place to be. The desert turns into a never ending field of  different kinds of wild flowers. The flowers carpet the dunes and from what I am told it is one of the greatest sights one can ever behold.

Perhaps I shall try and make that adventure happen in celebration of this lovely time of year.

I am sitting here nibbling on the ear of a chocolate bunny and remembering all the easters of my childhood. My mother and I always wore white and I always thought it was funny that the bunny would put jellybeans on fresh grass as they would be goo by the time I got to them. Tasty goo none the less.

I once found an easter egg three months late hidden in a drain pipe. The odd things was that It hadn’t been there the day before nor the week before, I was positive of this as I passed that spot every day. It was all discolored and it smelled terrible but for some reason I thought it was a huge symbol of good luck, an omen if you will that the faeries that i believed existed in that particular garden were one hundred percent real and had presented me with this egg to show me that they appreciated my offerings that I regularly left for them. My mother had told me that they loved honey and milk and tiny trinkets that they might find useful. I bet many of those offerings are still buried there in that old garden…….unless they took them with them.

Happy Easter, Ostara,Passover  to you all

Thank you for all the love and support you dish out to me in such great and highly appreciated abundance.

I Love you too




Allo Allo Allo!!!

Allo folks!

Wow!,  just realized that I haven’t checked in on my website or written a blog  in far too long.

Alot has been happening with the Candle company I am happy to say!

Onc we got our rep and did the LA gift show, wholesale orders started pouring in and I am quite pleased to say that they  still are!!! Basically  getting this company really up and going and turning it into the smooth working machine that it needs to be has been a real experience. I cannot really think of anything that could be farther from the work that I am used to. but I have enjoyed it immensely.

I have always loved inventing scents and having been obsessed with essential oils and perfumery for the last decade or so finally ended up having a use to it! Q’uelle surprise! ( probably spelled that wrong). One thing though is that it IS all consuming. It takes up every moment of every day and I really have not had time to do much of anything else. I must learn to delegate more wisely. I am used to doing everything myself so learning to teach others this new skill I have in my quiver has been interesting. Once the company is firmly established I will be able to move forward with other projects I am sure.

The Gatos are all doing fine and Gingey the great Ginger cat has fully recovered from his asthma (knocks on wood) which is a true blessing. The great big art space is now the great big factory space! There is much work to be done in terms of it’s style and decoration as It is such a raw space. Definitely needs some plants….hmmm. I am looking forward to that, i LOVE interior design and more than that I Love designing!!!

I haven’t come across anything film-wise that tickled my fancy which is just as well seeing as I have been so busy with the candle line. I have faith that the right one will come when it’s meant to.

I have really been noticing spring this year in all of it’s glory. It seems to be coming rather early. The weather has been mild and absolutely story book perfect in LA. I miss the greenness of Canada and Britain in the spring but I find it here and there poking it’s head through the cracks in the pavement and in the trees and front gardens. I have half a mind to build a sort of solarium section in the art space /factory. It would be great to have a place to have lunch surrounded by orchids and plants. It is very grey and made entirely of cement so adding a few green friends would be nice….. There I go again… babbling about plants!

I will take photos and post them eventually I will will will!!. Right now though it is all in full industrial mode and not as pleasing to the eye as I would like.

I am starting to really miss playing music and making art and hopefully soon I will be able to finally get my kickstarter up and active. So many projects I want to do…. so little time and budget….. but ALL IN GOOD TIME!

I have developed an unhealthy obsession with a British TV show called “The Mighty Boosh”. Its addictive! I swear it is! -that is if you’re into British Humour. The show is absolutely ridiculous and absolutely brilliant at the same time. Check it out if you can find it. I found it first on You tube. Just search “Crack fox and it should pop up. Itll give you a good rather odd but good giggle.


For those of you who have been asking where and how they can purchase one of my candles I finally have a sane and relatively normal solution!

Just go to orders@vestacha.com and leave your credit card info and order desires. It is  secure and encrypted  so it is completely safe  or you canfax your order and info to the company’s efax #1 310 362 8878.

All of this info will soon be available on the site itself.

well with that my dears I am off. More work to do before bed. I send you love and light and hope that you are all healthy and Happy.

all the best



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