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Persecution of the Roma

I’ve been reading about what’s been going on in France with the forced expulsion and terrorizing of the Rom people. It has been very hard to comprehend how in this era, in this day and age, where human rights are a subject everyone is familiar with, and progress seemed to be being made albeit slowly, that this criminal “ethnic cleansing” could actually be taking place.

I am a part of that race. My heart is bleeding for these people.

On the internet, I have read comments from people that would turn your blood to ice. I don’t understand why they allow those posts to remain. If they were referring to african-americans, latinos or asians, they would be removed the second they were posted.

This Hatred of the Gypsy and traveller races has got to stop. Now. Real harm is being inflicted on my people all over the world due to this prejudice and ignorance.

For many years, my family told me never to tell anyone about that part of my heritage, fearing that I would be judged or hated, or that it would affect my career.

However, being the rebellious soul that I am, I put it on my arm for the whole world to see. I wanted the world to see not only the wrong that was done in the second world war, but also to see that I was Rom, I was a successful talented Artist, and a member of society. In my own small way, I wanted to do whatever I could to change the stereotypes.

I am proud to be Rom, as I am proud to be Cherokee and Blackfoot.

There is SO MUCH pain in this world, so much suffering already, we must as a species, evolve out of these patterns of racism and war and hatred. Its useless, and it achieves nothing. We must become more aware of ourselves, our impact on each other, and on the planet’s ecological balance.

Great strides have been made in the last fifty years towards these changes, but many many more are still to be overcome.

The Gypsies and traveller people have been reviled, feared, and tormented throughout history. Its time for that to end once and for all.

Please, take the time to go to RomaRights.net, or the European Roma Rights Centre, and sign the petitions to stop this xenophobic racist, crime being committed against the Roma peoples. You can also follow @romarights and @ERRCtweets. Thank you.


In addition, you can watch this news story.

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16 Responses to “Persecution of the Roma”

  1. edouard

    I’m french, and I’m also linked to the roma community by a part of my mother’s family. What’s happening in france is outrageous, and absolutely against the Rights of Men. But justice will be done Fairuza, and the european community will never let it go. Nicolas Sarkozy, our president, is clearly racist. We won’t let it go and we won’t tolerate such a violation of freedom. We will fight, roma or not, for freedom and acceptance are very important things. I pray the Goddess to help the roma community through this. They are in France since centuries, and as you probably know it, there is also the sanctuary of Sara E Kali, the black Virgin, the Goddess of all the roma and gypsy who will watch over them.
    Thank you so much fairuza for sharing this article on what’s happening here, you are someone great !

  2. John

    It saddens me that people are still doing this to each other. Perhaps soon people will stop hating each other

  3. larry

    I agree with you 100% Fairuza and I’m going to those sites to sign the petitions now. It is nice to know that there are people, such you you who are brave and loyal enough to speak out knowing that it could put you at risk in the (Hollywood World), or maybe even actually physically. If there were more people like you in this world then maybe all the bad and good could even itself out. You are a warrior Fairuza and I admire you.

  4. Fairuza

    Thank you so much for taking the time to sign the petition. Its so strange, the public in general seem to be so ambivalent about this.
    I dont understand. It seems as though if it were any other race the world would be freaking out.
    Insofar as Hollywood, I am an actor not a celebrity so I am not as much under fire as the folks who are in the rags everyday.
    I have gone to great lengths to try to ensure that I would never end up being one of those people.
    I, You and everyone else who stands up for their beliefs and does not cower in the face of opposition or difficulty are Warriors.
    Thank you for your compliments:)
    hope this finds you well

  5. Fairuza

    That would be wonderful wouldn’t it?

  6. Fairuza

    Thank you so much for writing in,
    It is Very good to hear from French citizen that you are opposed to this violation of Human Rights.
    On the News ,and on the internet all I keep hearing is that 58% of French citizens support Sarkozy is this horrible disaster.
    Yes, I do Believe that Kali Sara is watching over them and I too pray every single night for their protection and that The joint governments of Europe will wake up and stop this misscarriage of justice. It is Bigotry, and xenophobia. If Sarkozy said that he had decided that all Jewish People had to leave France or That all African people had t leave France or all Asian People had to leave France, No one would EVER stand for it but because it is The Tzigane they judge, they look they other way.
    What about the Manouche who have bee there forever!!!??? France Loves “le jazz hot” they Love Django but they dont love Gypsies, Our culture our music our dance our stories, they love the romantisism but they do not realize we are a people, who deserve every same right as any other Human Being On this Earth.
    Thank you for writing in and for your support on this issue and thank you for letting me know there are French people fighting for our Rights as Roma.
    Merci Beaucoup cheri

  7. larry

    Fairuza it is so cool that you take the time to connect with your fans,,you rule babe, I hope you also post on here any new films you may appear in,if that is possible. It is also nice for you to allow us to peer more into who you are, and I like you even more now that I have, your cool

  8. edouard

    your welcome fairuza !!!
    I am happy to show you that some french citizen, as I am, are totally against Sarkozy and his racist government.
    blessed be !

  9. Robert

    I leave you with this tonight,”A human soul is not to be trifled with. It may inhabit the body of a Chinaman, a Turk, an Arab or a Hotentot – it is still an immortal spirit!” Attributed to Phineas Taylor Barnum (P.T. Barnum)
    This is how I feel about all of us that may be deemed different or less worthy by the ignorant.
    Your adoring fan,

  10. Fairuza

    Thank you, I love that quote:)

  11. Fairuza


  12. Kenny

    Wow. I’m so glad that I found your site and even more glad that you took the time 2i express your valid concerns for these issues. Just as humans we should have a concern arise just by reading about what’s happening to these people. I’ve signed the petitions and I only wish there were more I could do. Greed, ignorance and intolerance will bring us all down one day if people don’t start thinking differently. It’s just sad…………… On a brighter not, you rock and thank you so much for responding to my tweet a while back. I always feel weird sending them to”celebrities” cause I feel it’s weird like a creep hahaha. But truly thank you for all the hours of enjoyment I’ve had watching your films and the hours ahead listening to your music.

  13. Kenny

    And for the record I really can spell :) this swype texting enters some bizarre things sometimes. Thanks again.

  14. edouard

    hello Fairuza, have you seen what the Hungarians are now doing to the Roms ?
    here is a link that might interest you :

    it is a shame to see what the hungarians are doing to the roms…

  15. tsering

    My son lived in Slovenia with his Dad(being the only Buddhist center in Ljubljana) and he made a distinction that some of the Baltic Gypsies get bad reps for gangs are not representing all Gypsies. Luckily he being American born he never got itno scuffles but there is such anti Gypsie sentiment there and wow just this AM sme dumb talk show was blaming them for false psychic scams while that happens in all cultures I kept hearing Gypsie over and over…I was 11 when I was taught the origin of ‘gyped’ and never used it since,
    <3 Tsering

  16. tsering

    ps my sons father goes t Romania often and heals there he is loved by the people as he is a reincarnated Tibetan Healer my son a reincarnated Tibetan lama

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