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I was blown away when I got the part in this film, and was so excited to be a part of it. I remember going to audition for it in London, and the waiting room was filled with all of these absolutey beautiful girls. All of them were quite a bit older than me. I was a huge fan of Milos Forman’s work and was very nervous. I could not believe my good luck, when I actually got the part.

Milos Forman is one of the living legends of film, and was amazing to work with. I suggest to anyone who is a fan of film to look up his other films, if you haven’t done so already. At that age, to live in Paris, and get to shoot in those incredible palaces was something i will never forget. My mum and I always joke that I don’t need to get married, because I already got married at 13 in the chapel at Versailles.

Annette Bening was amazing to watch. To get to watch her work was and always will be, a treasured experience. Also working the Fabia Drake. She was quite a ripe old age at that time, but full of life and jokes. She was a consummate legend of the stage and screen.

My mum and I became very close friends with the late Vincent Schiavelli, a great actor, who was also in this film. He was best known for his work in “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” and “Ghost”. A wonderful man, who we all miss very much. My love to you Vincenzo, wherever you are.

The costumes were indescribably beautiful. Most of them made of very rare materials, and each of them costing well over eight thousand a piece to make. Wearing those corsets was a whole other story. Two corsets under each dress was agony, but they sure looked good.

I think its a great film and rather underrated.

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2 Responses to “Valmont”

  1. Johnny

    I love this film actually !

  2. Samson

    Love all your work Fairuza but this film is one of my favorites! What an epic masterpiece! How was it working with Colin Firth and Meg Tilly? Of all the versions of this story (Cruel Intentions, Dangerous Liaisons etc.) Valmont is my absolute favorite!!! Great job on this one! I’m always left wondering what Jeffery Jones’s character expression would have looked like when he found out that Cecile was pregnant! Sequel, Sequel, LOL!! :)

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