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The Craft

I know that this film is one of my fans favorite films, performance wise. I think that a lot of folks could relate to my character. She embodies the essence of teenage angst, and the anger that some of us go through, when we find out that life is not all wine and roses.

I have had many people come up to me and thank me for my work in this film. They say things like, “Your character got me through high school”. When I ask how, they say either “Well, I was a very different kid. I hated high school, and I had a really hard time there. Seeing how strong she was, and how she rose above it all inspired me”, or “your character helped me get away from my abusive parents”.

These kind of statements blow me away. This is one of the reasons film is such a powerful medium. Through all the ups and downs of dedicating my life to acting, it is finding out things like these that really make me proud, and help me to know that I am following the right path.

This was a difficult film to make, as here were so any special effects. Also, character wise, it took a lot of concentrated energy. Playing a true psychotic is challenging. Thats why I did it.

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11 Responses to “The Craft”

  1. edouard

    yes, this movie was great. It helped me a lot while I was young and lost. It also explained many true things about the Craft, witchcraft : the law of return and many other things. I liked that because, being pagan, it was nice to see our religon being at the centre of a movie in which there were a pagan actress, you.
    very nice movie !

  2. larry

    Your work in the craft made it my favorite Fairuza film, even though I like what you brought to all the films you’ve been in. I think it is the way you portray your characters and the passion which shows in your work that makes people from all walks of life be able to relate in one way or another… Great work as always Fairuza

  3. Fairuza

    I am glad you enjoyed the film:)
    I did alot of studying for that film and I leant alot in the process.
    I don’t call myself a Pagan, although There is absolutely Nothing wrong with Being Pagan, In fact I think as Religions Go it’s one of the kindest and wisest
    most aware and compassionate that there is.I do not ascribe a name to my beliefs personally.
    I have studied many many religions and have taken what works for me from several of them.
    I am especially glad though that the film helped to introduce so many people to paganism.
    That said,
    Blessed Be:)

  4. Johnny

    You were so awesome in this film,It isnt my favorite movie you were in but its one of my favorite characters you ever played because you were so perfect and don’t get me wrong i like this movie alot but mostly because of your character !!!

  5. Heather

    Agreed with the above posters. Also, I don’t really like to label my religion either, but I would have to say it is deeply rooted in Wiccan/Pagan belief. People always ask me what religion I am because..I’m a highly tattooed/pierced colorful character – and people are curious.
    Nancy’s character was one I could relate to because she was dark and different. (Minus the crazy part-which was a really amazing performance by the way) Still one of my favorite movies.

  6. Perry

    I saw the out-takes of this movie, it realey gave me the shivers, very good acting!
    I also liked your oneliners, that must had been fun to play

  7. Perry

    Fairuza do you still see Neve and the others?
    Are there plans for another movie with you all in it?

  8. Fairuza

    No not really and No ,no plans for a sequel
    al the best

  9. taylor

    i need your help! I am writing a paper on The Craft… what is based off true Wiccan beliefs and what is not… do you know anything? who was your consultant on set? also i heard some weird occurrences happened while filming… could you tell about those, pretty please!
    sincere thanks,

  10. Jonny

    One of my personal cult favourite from the ninethies! Thanks to my sister. I had just seen SCREAM when she made me watch THE CRAFT and that was amazing.

    Although i wasn’t so sure when she told me what it was all about. I still watch it today. And even with all those great young actors i have to admit that Fairuza’s portrait of Nancy was really impressive, essential. Sort of imposed by a brilliant actress. I would have been intimidated by Fairuza if i were one of the others. And not just the girls. You had a look (Eyes) that i think knocked out everyone on the set a couple times.

  11. Brooke McGibben

    Hi Fairuza!

    The Craft is my favorite movie and Nancy is my all time favorite character (I’m a bit obsessed with this movie and Nancy is a style icon for me)! It’s even better knowing that some of the practices in this movie is based off real Wicca. I was obsessed from the first time I saw it. Your performance as Nancy was phenomenal! I’ve seen all your movies and your my favorite actress. I’m glad to hear that you are taking your own path not only with movies but also with artwork and music. Keep on doing you Fairuza :)

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