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My signature scent

For perfume I currently wear Opus Oil’s orange blossom oil and gardenia oil. I make my own blends and wear those most of the time. I am currently in the process of developing my own line of oils and perfumes, which is so much fun I cannot even tell you! It wont be anything like those awful celebrity perfumes you’ve seen/smelled..yuck! No offense but most of them are rank. It is a line of all natural oils, perfumes and products and will be divine.

I have a very keen and sensitive sense of smell, might as well put it to use! I have been studying essential oils an their healing properties for many years. I grew up with natural medicine exclusively; homeopathy, osteopathy and chiropractic medicine. I never went to a western doctor, and I never needed to. I always loved the art of perfumery, and it has always bee a dream of mine to have my own company that made all natural perfumes and cosmetics.

One thing most folks aren’t aware of is that many of the companies that claim not to test on animals use it as a marketing ploy. Sure, maybe THEY don’t on animals, but the fact is that that the companies that they buy their ingredients from (i.e. Proctor and Gamble, etc.) do. So what difference does it really make if a company claims not to test on animals, when they are buying all of their ingredients from companies that do? Not much difference in my opinion.

I am very sensitive to chemicals and have always had to seek out natural products for my skin, hair, face and perfume. I started making my own products years ago. Simple things like soap and lotion, but I love them and my friends are always asking for me to give them more of what I make. They really are the ones who have convinced me to go ahead with this idea. It may take some time, but it is a passion of mine that hopefully I will soon be able to share with all of you.

I know it might seem weird. Actress turned musician turned perfumer turned artist, but that’s just me. Life’s too short not to get out there and try to live your dreams and achieve your goals.

Unlike some people in my field, I do not have an army of people behind me, working for me. It’s just me and a few very dear friends, but thats all it takes.

With courage and a strong will, ANYTHING can be achieved.!

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9 Responses to “My signature scent”

  1. larry

    Yea, I’m into the natural thing myself, I attend a personal friend who is a chiropractor on a regular basis. I’ve also taught Yoga and the Arts for many years and watch what I eat…You make your own soap? Wow, that is cool

  2. Fairuza

    I havent been making soap for the last little while, but I do make my own scents, Bat oils and Bath salts/scrubs/lotions, e.t.c.
    I know what goes into them so I know I wont have a bad reaction:)
    Its a fun hobby that I’ve gotten quite good at over the years I am proud to say:)
    Thanks for writing in

  3. larry

    Yea, I went through a lot of different soaps till I found the few that didn’t clog pours or what have you. If I knew how I’d probably make my own too. Hey Fairuza, do you foresee yourself maybe marketing and selling your products in the future?

  4. Dave

    Hello Fairuza…
    I am a professional guitarist based in Las Vegas and would welcome a chance to contribute to any musical project that you are involved in, should the need arise for a person like myself. Not interested in money. Just a chance to create.
    Best wishes,

  5. mitchell

    Had to dig through the archives and it is always nice to revisit an old subject anyhow right? I swear, you could be a long lost sibling, lol. I totally make my own colognes and yes soaps too and have given a go with shampoos but, after stripping my hair numerous times, I stuck with just unscented soap bases with some chamomile oils and lavender oils. Orange cologne is my fav. and my signature scent is Bay Rum, that I make myself since it is so easy and the efforts pay off versus going to the store and buying it at nearly $50 a bottle, lol. Shea butter is always in my cabinet along with bees wax but, with the bee population having such an influx lately I have given that up. I can keep on rambling here but, I will stop for now…xxooxx

  6. Fairuza

    Thanks for writing in!:) So good to know another gal/guy? who is into making their own natural products!
    There is alot of experimenting and trial and error right!? But when you get a mixture or a scent right it is such a triumph and such a great feeling!:)
    I hope this finds you well and Have a GREAT new year!:)

  7. tsering

    I always felt you were a kindred spirit. I started studying Natural lotions,soaps and massage oils after I finished massage school at age 18. I was drawn to you because I could tell you were different..etc. I had a less fun life always wanting to do what you were born into but being too poor and abuse kept me from finding my voice to do so until I aged…I mix alternative medicine(or ancient) with western when needed. I too Opera lessons when I could afford it. My Welsh side of the family has a once famous Tenor (Morris) and an aunt who was a famous Soprano(lydia) both performed before the queen with the kaiser as her guest. I always wanted to dance nd had that crushed out of me. I am glad to of found your sight because I feel a kinship in a way though I have known many famous people I know often this is projected but just your accomplishments have been my dreams. Now I am 36 severely disabled and live in public housing. I sing to for fun still am a snazzy Vintage dresser and seem to enjoy similar music. I recommend(I am from San Francisco) a local band called Rosin Coven the incorporate what I have read about your family and Vagabond Opera as well as Mood area 52-you will love it! They are swing longe pgand gypsie slavic awesome sounds from each band-
    <3 Tsering

  8. Renate

    I don’t know what types of essential oils you use, but you may want to check out my website. We use oils that have no additives, except for in one blend ( fractionated coconut oil ) and all the oils are derived from indigenous areas. Anyway, here it is: http://www.mydoterra.com/renatesmith. And I’ve been a huge fan of your work since ” Return to Oz “…I am continually inspired as an artist, writer and singer myself. Thank you!!!

  9. Amanda Emilie

    This is very interesting! I am really interested in Perfumes herbs and healing things. It’s so interesting that you do these things. I wish I could meet you once and learn from you! You remind me much of me and my “sister”, you like tattoos, the “mystical”, healing/ herbs and the like, piercings and music. I might not listen to the exact same music, but I am actually very open to any type of music, I mostly like to listen to rock/ pop and j-pop.

    I like some celebrity fragrances, but that is mostly Avril Lavigne (I really love Forbidden Rose) and Britney Spears (Midnight Fantasy is amazing). Other than that I really like Tresor Midnight Rose, but I think oil scents are better, because they last way longer (I have one small bottle I have jused since last autumn and it is almost full!). I really like floral/ sweet scents the most. My skin is mostly dry, pale and with a red/ pink complection (cold). I use mostly products from Amway and they are really good, my skin is not as bad as it used to be!

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